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Articles by Robert V. Goss

Cody-Sylvan Pass Motor Company:  First Commercial Motorized Passenger Service in Yellowstone
            Publication Forthcoming . . .

"Geyser Bob:  Yellowstone's Legendary Stage Driver
            Annals of Wyoming, Vol. 88, No.3, Summer 2016

“Robbery and Wrangling in Yellowstone     (George "Morphine Charley" Reeb)

            “Montana Pioneer,” January 2011, Livingston Montana


“Holm on the Range: Camping the Yellowstone with Aron ‘Tex Holm’”

            “Annals of Wyoming,” Winter 2010, Vol. 82, No. 1.


“Taking the Cure – at LaDuke Hot Springs”

            “Montana Ghost Town Society,” Fall 2010, Vol. 40.


“Meet Me in St. Louis”   (Gus Holms)

            “Points West,” Summer 2010, Cody Wyoming


“Prospecting for Z.R. ‘Red’ Sowash – Park County Miner & Saloon-Keeper

            “News From the Red Caboose,” Spring 2010, Livingston, MT.


“And Finding. . . A Hairless Cub, Called the Gulch, Bear. Being an Early History of Bear Gulch and the Sheepeater Mining District.

            “Montana Ghost Town Quarterly,” Spring 2010, Vol. 40.


“The Man Who Wandered Away - A Yellowstone Mystery”

            “Annals of Wyoming,” Autumn 2008, Vol. 80, No. 4.    (No longer available online)


“A Tale of Two Sisters:  Pryor & Trischman in Yellowstone in the Best and Worst of Times”     

“Annals of Wyoming,” Spring 2002, Vol. 74, No. 2.    (Link) (Note: this link goes to, click on desired format on left menu.  This link contains the entire 2002 year of Annals of Wyoming. ("Find" pryor to bring up article.)


 “Yellowstone’s First General Store – A Legacy of Jennie Henderson and Her Family”

“Yellowstone Science,” Vol. 13, No. 2, Spring 2005.  Yellowstone Center for Resources, YNP, WY     (Link)


 “Buses in Yellowstone National Park”

“Motor Coach Today,” Vol. 7, No. 2, April-June 2000.

By Bruce Austin, Robert Goss, and Gerald Pesman


 “Glacier Park”    (A History of the White Buses in Glacier)

            “Motor Coach Age,” Vol. 53, No. 2, April-June 2002.

By Bruce Austin, Raymond Djuff and Robert Goss


“Yosemite”    (A History of the White Buses in Yosemite Park)

            “Motor Coach Age,” Vol. 60, No. 1, Jan-Mar 2009.

By Bruce Austin, Tom Shafer and Robert Goss

 Books by Robert V. Goss:

 “Yellowstone – The Chronology of Wonderland”                                                      

Self-Published, New, Revised 5th Edition, 2015, 180pps  $25.00 + $3.00 S&H  by USPS Media Mail 


“Making Concessions in Yellowstone”                                        

Self-Published, 3rd Edition, Copy 2003     (Out of Print)


 “Yellowstone’s George Whittaker - Soldier, Scout and Storekeeper”                                                    

Self-Published, Copy 2003     (Copies still available from the author - $8 incl S&H by USPS)


 “Serving the ‘Faithful’ in Yellowstone - Henry Klamer and the General Store in the Upper Geyser Basin"

Self-Published, Copy 2003     (Copies still available from the author - $10 incl S&H by USPS)


“Coating Curiosities in Yellowstone - Ole Anderson and the Specimen House”

Self-Published, Copy 2004     (Copies still available from the author - $10 incl S&H by USPS)


“Pack Trains and Pay Dirt in Yellowstone - On the Trail with George Huston”

Self-Published, Copy 2007     (Copies still available from the author - $10 incl S&H by USPS)


“From Sail to Trail - Chronicling Yellowstone’s E.S. Topping”                       

Self-Published, Copy 2008     (Out of Print)


“Images oF America: Livingston, Montana”            (Link)

            Elizabeth A. Watry and Robert V. Goss                                          

Arcadia Publishing, Copy 2009      (Avail. from the Publisher & on-line bookstores)

For more information or purchase of these books, please contact Robert Goss at:



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