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Yellowstone Biographies:
Who's Who in Wonderland's Past

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The following pages contain a multitude of mini-bios of the Greater Yellowstone area's early pioneers, explorers, businessmen, businesswomen, and other folks of interest.
Please note that many entries have bracketed numbers at the end, ie: [24:25]   These are footnote references. The first number is the reference work, the second number is the page in the reference.  These references can be found at the end of the Bios pages, entitled Bios - Bibliography.
References denoted "LE" indicate the Livingston Enterprise (Montana) newspaper.

The last two pages of this section contain photos of the tombstones of many old Yellowstone Pioneers, along with brief bios.
A few common abbreviations:

NPRR               Northern Pacific Railroad
UPRR               Union Pacific Railroad
YPA                 Yellowstone Park Association
YPHCo             Yellowstone Park Hotel Company
YNPTCo          Yellowstone National Park Transportation Company
YPTCo             Yellowstone Park Transportation Company
YPCo               Yellowstone Park Company
YPCC               Yellowstone Park camping Company or YP Camps Company
YPLC               Yellowstone Park Lodges & Camps company

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