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Images of America - Livingston, Montana
Images of America - Livingston, Montana


Images of America:
Livingston, Montana
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By Author Elizabeth A. Watry
Co-Author Robert V. Goss
Published by Arcadia Publishing
Release Date August 10, 2009
Available through Arcadia Publishing,
and other local and national internet booksellers.

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Conley’s Books & Music, 106 So. Main, Livingston, MT. 406-222-7766
Livingston Depot Center, 200 W. Park, Livingston, MT. 406-222-2300
Sax & Fryer Company, 109 W. Callender, Livingston, MT. 406-222-1421
Yellowstone Gateway Museum, 118 W. Chinook, Livingston, MT. 406-222-4184
Yellowstone Perk, 208 Park St., Gardiner, MT. 406-848-2240
Paradise Gallery, 210 Park St., Gardiner, MT. 406-848-9155
Tumbleweed Book Store & Cafe, 501 Scott St. (Hwy 89), Gardiner, MT. 406-848-2225

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From the Back Cover . . .

In January 1883, barely a month after the Northern Pacific Railroad (NPRR) finished laying tracks to the “last crossing of the Yellowstone River,” Minnesota’s Winona Daily Republican proclaimed Livingston as the “future great city of the Yellowstone.” With the arrival of the NPRR in 1882, the town boomed as it became the division headquarters for the railroad. Its future secured by the largest machine shops and roundhouse west of Minnesota, Livingston rapidly grew from frontier town to progressive city. By late 1883, its downtown area of substantial brick buildings housed more than a hundred businesses, and supported a residential area of two thousand stalwart citizens. Situated at the junction of the Northern Pacific branch to Yellowstone National Park, Livingston hosted the majority of the early tourist trade to “America’s Wonderland of the West.”

Inspired by the rich history of Livingston and its surrounding areas, authors and Park County residents Elizabeth A. Watry and Robert V. Goss present this distinctive collection of historic photographs and postcards from the Yellowstone Gateway Museum Livingston, MT, the Pioneer Museum Bozeman, MT, and various private collections. Researching the area’s more obscure historical stories, they have compiled this engaging journey through the memorable but forgotten yesteryears of Livingston, Montana.

The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across America. Using archival photographs, each title represents the distinctive stories for the past that shape the character of the community today. Arcadia is proud to play a part in the preservationof local heritage, making history available to all.


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