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In order to expedite the construction of this website, I have decided to link some of these pages to my former Geocities website that was taken down several years ago. The whole site has been archived by the nice folks at in their "Wayback Machine" (thanks Sherman & Mr. Peabody).  Click on the link below for the Henderson/Ash general store at Mammoth. Use the 'Back' button on your Internet Explorer page to return to this page. If you follow the many linkis in my old site, it is possible you may not find your way back here easily, as I have no control over my old site and there are no back-links to this site. Don't panic - just type in the address bar to return to my current home page. I offer no guarantees that all of the images or links will still work, but all the text should offer you good reading.  Happy Trails and thanks for visiting my site!

Click Here to view an online PDF of the article I wrote about Jennie Henderson Ash and her General Store for Yellowstone Science, Spring 2005.

Also, please visit Jennie Ash and Jennie Henderson on my Biographies pages.

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