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 Geyser Bob Historical Service Web Site Update Log

 18 Jan 2010  Published website with Home Page and A-B-C- pages of the Pioneer Bios
 19 Jan 2010  Bio Pages:  Added pages D-E-F-G.
 Web Cams:  Yellowstone Country
 20 Jan 2010  Added "New Stuff" log. 
 Bio Pages:   H-I-J-K-L-M completed. Note new info on Kammermeyer and LaDuke.
 21 Jan 2010  Bio Pages:  N-O-P-Q-R-S added.  Bios - Bibliography page created.
 Web Cams Page:  Added Ski area cams/info.  MT-WY-ID Weather & Road Conditions Links
 Links of Interest:  Area Museum Links
 22 Jan 2010  Bio Pages:  Completed T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z.
 23 Jan 2010  Hotels: Canyon Hotel & Lodge page completed, with many new historic photos.
 24 Jan 2010  Hotels: NEW!!  Historic Maps of Yellowstone, parkwide and local areas of interest.
 Hotels: Lake Hotel & Lodge page completed, with many new historic photos.
 Hotels: West Thumb Lunch Station page completed, new photos and old deveopment map.
 25 Jan 2010  Hotels:  Fountain Hotel, with new historic photos.
 Hotels:  Brief histories of the early hotel companies - YPIC, YPA, YPHCo, YPCo
 26 Jan 2010  Hotels: Marshall's Hotel section complete. Work to be done still on the Firehole Hotel portion.
 27 Jan 2010  Links:  Links to historic resources on the web
 28 Jan 2010  Hotels: Completed Marshall's & Firehole Hotel page.
 Bios - F:  New - Exclusive information on Celinda Finch and daughter Coda Finch.
 30 Jan 2010  Hotels:  Completed page on Yancey's Hotel and Roosevelt Lodge.
 Hotels: National & Mammoth Hotels completed. Mammoth Lodge portion under construction.
 31 Jan 2010  Hotels: Completed Mammoth Lodge section.
 Hotels: Completed McCartney's Hotel page - Cottage Hotel section under construction
 4 Feb 2010  Hotels: Completed Cottage Hotel and McCartney's Hotel Page.
 Books:  Images of America: Livingston, Montana. By Elizabeth A. Watry & Robert V. Goss
 6 Feb 2010  Hotels:  Completed Norris Hotel - Norris Lunch Station page. lots of 'new' old photos.
 7 Feb 2010  Hotels:  Sylvan Pass Lodge & Trout Creek Lunch Station page completed.
 9 Feb 2010  Hotels: Yancey's - 1896 travel account
 Bios:  Additional biographical information on Larry Mathews
 11 Feb 2010  Hotels: Larry's Lunch Station page completed
 14 Feb 2010  Hotels:  Old Faithful Inn & Shack Hotel with lots of new photos.
             YP & OFI at 1915 Panama-Pacific International Expo under construction (same page)
 16 Feb 2010  Hotels: OFI - YP & OF Inn at 1915 Panama-Pacific International Expo in San Francisco
 20 Feb 2010  Hotels:  Old Faithful Camp & Old Faithful Lodge completed.
 21 Feb 2010  Hotels:  OF Camper Cabins & Old Faithful Snow Lodge completed
 27 Feb 2010

Photograph Additions: 
Hotels:  1905 view of Thumb Lunch Station
             OF Inn Wine List & Greenhouse view from 1914
             Canyon Lodge floorplan and interior cabin view.
             Canyon Hotel color aerial ca1950s
             Norris Hotel view 1901
             Lake Hotel 1905 Lobby view.   Nation Hotel 1905 Lobby View

 27 Feb 2010  Camps: Shaw & Powell page online. Work in progress.
 1 Mar 2010  Camps: Shaw & Powell page completed.
 27 Jun 2010  'Bout time, right?  I just finished the page on Tex Holm, under Camping Companies.  Check it out.  Bob Goss is also on Facebook somewhere, but am not sure to link to it.  Good Luck.
 6 July 2010  Additions to the "Writings of Bob Goss", adding articles recently published in Points West and News from the Red Caboose  Click Here
 6 July 2010  Copy of "Meet Me in St. Louis", recently published in Points West, journal of the Buffalo Bill Historic Center.  Click Here
 21 Oct 2011  Links completed to my old website for the Transportation , General Stores, and parts of the Camps sections.
 21 Nov 2011  Railroad pages added and links completed to my old Geyser Bob website
 Page added and linked to Bear-in-Circles webpage.
 Page added and linked to YP Pioneer Tombstones page.
 22 Nov 2011  Updated "writings of Bob Goss" page.  11 articles and 8 books
 Created page for the "History of White Motor Co. Buses in YNP" - Under Construction
 28 Nov 2011  Published 3 new pages on the history of the White Motor Co. buses in Yellowstone:
  Main Bus Page,
  Bus Specs,
  Personalities from the bus world.
 28 Nov 2011  Updated the page on the history of stage driver Geyser Bob to link with my old website.  Link
  13 Jun 2013  Updated home page and added a bit of info to the bio of sand artist Andy Wald.
   New Wylie Camping Co. page - Zion & Grand Canyon  Link
   New Yellowstone David A. Curry Camping Co. page  Link
 10 Jan 2014  New Yellowstone Wylie Camping Co. page. Link
 1 Mar 2014  New YP camps and lodges page, covering 1917-1936.  Link
  4 Mar 2014  New page on Frost & Richard Camping Co. operating from the Cody WY area into Yellowstone.
 6 Mar 2014  New page on the Robert C. Bryant Camping Co. that operated 1903-1912 from the West entrance.
 6 Mar 2014  Yellowstone Trade Cards - not a new page but a new link to my old Geocities site - Great Stuff!

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