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These maps are presented in order to help define the early cultural and historic areas in Yellowstone.  Keep in mind that these maps are a snapshot in time and many of these mapped areas present a completely changed appearance today.  Despite the ca1970s advertising campaign proclaiming: "Yellowstone - You'll Love the Way it Hasn't Changed," change is normal and has been and will continue to be a reality in Yellowstone's landscape, both in its physical culture and the natural landscape.

Businesses have come and gone over the last 140 years, many disappearing almost completely, while some have remained, albeit in somewhat altered forms. Many roads that once were, are no more. Originally, most of the main roads passed right through the main areas of interest at Lake, Canyon, Norris, Thumb, and Old Faithful. Over the years many of those (and certainly not enough) have been rerouted to move traffic patterns away from the major points of interest.  A bit of imagination may be required to envision these areas as they exist today. Click on on of the location names to proceed. Use your Back button to return to this page.


Yellowstone National Park 1916 NPRR
Yellowstone National Park 1914 Shaw & Powell
Grand Canyon Area 1930 Haynes Guide
Fountain Hotel 1909 Campbell's Guide
Fountain Hotel 1912 Haynes Guide
Gardiner to Norris Route 1942 Haynes Guide
Lake Hotel & Lodge Areas 1930 Haynes Guide
Mammoth Hot Springs 1912 Haynes Guide
Mammoth Hot Springs 1930 Haynes Guide
Norris Hotel and Geyser Basin 1912 Haynes Guide
Old Faithful Area 1909 Campbell's Guide
Old Faithful Area 1936 Haynes Guide
Old Faithful Area 1942 Haynes Guide
West Thumb Basin 1936 Haynes Guide
Tower Junction & Falls 1930 Haynes Guide
YNP & Park County, Montana 1904
YNP & Monida Route 1902 Monida-Yellowstone Stage
YNP Aerial Map 1910 UPRR Brochure
YNP & UPPR Access Line 1916 Monida-Yellowstone Stage

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