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The Buses . . .

TEB - 11 Passenger                  1917-23

            3/4T, 140” wheelbase truck with 45hp GEC engines, 4-spd transmissions, and open-side bodies.  Front tires were 34” x 5” pneumatic with 36” x 6” on the rear.  There were four pairs of doors opening onto seats for three passengers, allowing for 11 passengers and the driver.  Although in practice, only one passenger sat in front with the driver.  The left-hand doors were sealed to prevent opening onto traffic.  The transition between the hood and dash was squared off, while the windshield was a solid 2-piece unit (upper & lower).  Kerosene running lights were located below the windshield and under the frame supporting the rear boot.  They were powered by acetylene bottles on the driver’s side running boards. A canvas boot covered the rear wooden platform that was supported by a steel frame.  A canvas top was supported by detachable bows at each bench and celluloid side curtains could be put up in inclement weather.

Plate numbers 1-135. 

108 vehicles purchased from 1917-1923.    (Image YNP Archives #115013)

15/45 - 11 Passenger                1920-25

Similar body to the TEBS, except the transition between the hood and windshield was rounded and the windshield was split into four pieces - upper/lower and left/right.  The wheelbase was slightly longer (143-1/2”) with an updated chassis and improved 4-cylinder GN motors.  The later 1923 models had 50hp GR motors, as did later deliveries.  Front tires were 34” x 5” and rear 36” x 6”. Other amenities were mostly identical to the TEBs. The 1922 models had Scott bodies, while the 1923 and later models had Bender bodies, without LH doors. The rear contained an enclosed trunk instead of a boot.  Four oval-shaped windows graced the tonneau cover on the sides at the rear. A canvas top was supported by detachable bows at each bench. Celluloid side curtains could be put up in inclement weather. Acetylene bottles were carried on the driver’s side running boards to power the headlights.

Plate numbers 137-349. 

214 vehicles purchased from 1920-1925.        (Image YNP Archives #124731)


Model 50 - 25 Passenger          1923

            There were six side doors opening onto seven benches to seat 25 passengers plus the driver. The Bender body had a 198” wheelbase with a 4-cylinder GN motor. The roof was solid and luggage could be stored on the roof rack. They had Budd steel disc wheels and electric lights. It utilized 36” x 6” tires all around, with duals on the rear. 

Plate numbers 930-931.  (Originally numbered in the 330s)

2 vehicles were purchased in 1923. 


Model 614 - 14 Passenger        1931

            There were four doors to seat 14 passengers. The roof was open with a roll-back canvas. The luggage area was enclosed in the rear with two side-opening doors. It was powered by 75hp overhead valve 6-cylinder White 3A engines, with four-wheel Lockheed hydraulic brakes and glassed-in Bender bodies. 

Plate numbers 351-358.

8 vehicles delivered in May 1931. 

Model 706 - 14 Passenger        1936

            There were 27 of these 14-passenger buses introduced in 1936. They had two squared-glass windshields and lantern-style rear running lights. The 1937-38 models had improved 16Ah motors. They sat on a 190” wheelbase chassis and were powered by a White 318 six-cylinder 16A engine. The bodies were produced by Bender bodies with an open roof and roll-back canvas tops that tied down along the edges. Renowned industrial designer, Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky was responsible for the radiator cowling and grill design.  

Plate numbers 361-460. 

98 vehicles purchased from 1936-1939.


7-Passenger Touring Cars

            These cars had a 137-1/2” wheelbase with 37” x 5” tires all around.  They had a model GM 4-cylinder, 16- valve motor. 

  Plate numbers 700-756. 

  48 vehicles purchased from 1917-1925.        (Image YNP Archives #129342-1a)

8-Passenger Touring Cars

  Plate numbers 718-719

  2 vehicles purchased in 1920. 



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